Villa San Ignacio | Hotel near San Jose and Alajuela | Costa Rica

Happy Hour / Social Hour


Pandora Restaurant at Villa San Ignacio is proud to serve the community of greater Alajuela. We’ve been here in form and spirit for more than a century but we’re not afraid to adapt to the changing times. Modern life includes many freedoms that were unknown to generations past, including the freedom to work in your own space, away from a cubicle or a stifling office. Technology allows you to plug in just about anywhere and many freelancers and work-from-home contractors enjoy this new way of being on the clock.

Our daily Happy Hour extends from 5:00 to 7:30 with 50% off cocktails and sangria.

Modern life can also, at times, feel isolating. For many, gone is the office water cooler, the line for the kitchen microwave, and the many daily social interactions that allow for informational relays — the opportunities to share experiences and empathize with fellow workers.


We can help to fill this gap. Our daily Happy Hour is the perfect Social Hour for anyone who works alone and craves the bonding and banter of a communal work space. You can host clients or colleagues in one of our meeting rooms and then socialize over cocktails. If you do work in an office, stop by with friends after work for the chance to unwind and meet new, friendly faces.

Villa San Ignacio and Pandora Restaurant is an ideal location for your company meetings, large or small.

Pandora is more than just a restaurant or bar. We have a homey space with comfortable sitting areas, a pool and terrace, beautiful grounds. You can nosh on appetizers or stay for dinner. You should take a tour of The Gallery, our new art space that features stunning work from Costa Rica artists. You can play pool, or stop by for one of our special live performances.

We want to meet you, and we want you feel like Pandora Restaurant at Villa San Ignacio is a social destination, a place where you can enjoy your freedom along with a respite from the loneliness of modern life.