Welcome to Hotel Villa San Ignacio

Hotel Villa San Ignacio has been renovated to recall its original rustic charm. The décor is polished but simple, and our custom furniture designed from antiques provides cozy comfort for guests while evoking the simple grace of the country. Clean, natural light makes it feel like you’re visiting a cheery hacienda.

This is the spirit of Villa San Ignacio, a visit to the past, with all the conveniences the modern traveler desires.

Within the hotel and on its grounds one can enjoy the wide variety of native trees and fruit trees spread throughout the property, the undeveloped 7 acres is a haven for some of Costa Rica’s most brilliant birds. We provide an ideal location to spot elusive members of the species, such as mot mots, chachalacas, flycatchers, wrens, parrots, tanagers, warblers, euphonias, woodpeckers, and the sweetly busy hummingbirds.

You don’t have to travel far to experience the majestic beauty of the region.


With seven acres of verdant grounds and a variety meeting areas, Hotel Villa San Ignacio is the ideal location for corporate and special events. In another past life, it was owned by a botanist, and we have this devoted gentleman More…


Villa San Ignacio Pandora Fine Dining Tables and Bar

PANDORA RESTAURANT – HAPPY HOUR EVERY DAY 5-7:30 P.M. Pandora is a casual dining experience with seating in our charming restaurant and outside on the terrace.  Enjoy a leisurely multi course dinner or a light snack; our menus cater to More…


Hotel Villa San Ignacio offers Single Queen rooms for 1 or 2 guests, Double Queen rooms for up to four guests and Master Suites for up to 6 guests.  Our 16 rooms are positioned in two areas, the single queen More…