Hotel Villa San Ignacio, A Relaxing Retreat Near The City

Alajuela’s boutique airport hotel, Villa San Ignacio is lodged amid ample wooded areas and tropical flora. The hotel’s open layout set in nature offers our guests a truly relaxing environment.

Mid-century, this property was owned by a botanist, and we have this devoted gentleman to thank for the lovely grounds that team with wild flowers, fruit trees, and the birds and butterflies they invite. Our bush trails are an ideal location to spot elusive members of the species, such as mot mots, chachalacas, flycatchers, wrens, parrots, tanagers, warblers, euphonias, woodpeckers, and the sweetly busy hummingbirds.

San Jose’s International airport Juan Santamaria is just 7 kilometers from Hotel Villa San Ignacio, located in Tambor 4 kilometers north of Alajuela Center.



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