The Gallery Grand Opening


Get to know more about Costa Rica through the visual arts.

At Villa San Ignacio, we are opening a space dubbed The Gallery, showing local or resident artists and their work. Come and visit the Gallery at our freshly remodeled Deluxe Rooms and Suites building.

With this space we hope to introduce the local community and our visitors to the exciting artists who live in and are inspired by Costa Rica. We will have several different shows throughout the year.

The Grand Opening will be held at Villa San Ignacio on Feb 12 at 8:00 pm with painter Ank Draijer.



Born in in Holland, artist Ank Dreijer has spent the past 35 years living in Latin America including Peru, Colombia, the Amazon Jungle, and Costa Rica, the country she has called home for more than two decades. Equatorial influence is strong in her work, in imagery that teems with the rich colors and bold nature of the tropics.

Dreijer’s work alerts us to the power and the energy of the environment that surrounds us. Despite mankind’s efforts to control the earth, organize space and time, and bring about civilization, we must remain aware of the incredible power of nature. Mankind is a newcomer in the history of the universe. One has only to think of the myth of Icarus and his grazing of the sun to understand the irresistible human desire to conquer without regard to natural law. In her paintings, Draijer creates the circumstances for the earth’s gravity to move the colors with the unstoppable force of nature.

floating naturally

Having experimented with many different techniques, and influenced by both the urban and natural environments she has lived in, Draijer has recently become captivated by the so called drip painting technique. Drip painting emphasizes the vertical movement of shapes and materials, creating images controlled not just by the artist, but by the gravitational pull of the earth – gravity, the attraction of matter and planets, one of the most dominant powers in the universe.

Draijer’s work reminds us these forces have the capacity to both create and destroy, sometimes resulting in a very beautiful destruction.