Maybe you will see a motmot?

The Best Way to End a Birding Trip to Costa Rica: 5 Suggestions

Birding in Costa Rica can take several forms. Some of the more focused birders walk off the plane with binoculars at the ready, others enjoy birds in a much more casual and easy-going way, and folks with cameras may prefer the photographic side of birding. No matter how you enjoy birds in Costa Rica, there’s always more than enough to see and the trip will be just as exciting as you imagined.

A successful birding trip to Costa Rica depends on your goals and reasons for visiting this birdy nation but most of all, if you have a fun, fantastic time, that’s a pretty good measure of success. Having a great time at every point of the trip is vital including one of the most overlooked days of the trip, the final day. This can take the form of a final evening or one last morning of birding, either way, try these 5 suggestions to put a cherry on the top of your Costa Rica birding cake:

Celebratory Dinner

Whether with a group or on your own, a successful trip deserves to be crowned with an excellent meal. Several days of birding in Costa Rica is a fantastic accomplishment, for many, a life accomplishment well worth celebrating. Choose the best or favorite top 5 birds (it might be tough to pick just one) and congratulate yourself for experiencing some of the best birding on the planet.

Seeing a Resplendent Quetzal is worth a toast or two.
Seeing a Resplendent Quetzal is worth a toast or two.

Look for Some Last Birds

Who says the birding has to end? If you are up for a bit of last minute birding, by all means, take advantage of that extra birding time! There might be another new bird or two to see, you might end up getting some of your best photos of the trip.

Maybe you will see a motmot?
Maybe you will see a motmot?

Owls Anyone?

One final night in Costa Rica means one last time to look for owls. One or two species might live right at the hotel. The trip isn’t over yet, see what you can find.

Spot a Pacific Screech Owl
Spot a Pacific Screech Owl

Relax with Drink and Binos in Hand

Last minute birding is always up to you. If you would rather sit back, relax, and relish a few cold drinks while maybe watching a bird or two, that’s fine too. It’s your trip, make sure you enjoy it to the fullest!

Pick the Right Place to End the Trip

Most of all, you want to stay at the best place to finish off fantastic birding in Costa Rica. That place would be a cozy hotel that combines proximity to the airport, good habitat with various birds, excellent service, and wonderful cuisine.

The best birding trips to Costa Rica start and end at the right place. Contact us to learn why more birders and birding groups are choosing Villa San Ignacio for the first and final days of their birding tours to Costa Rica. We look forward to seeing you enjoy birds in our beautiful gardens and trails!

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Blog by Patrick O’Donnell
Patrick O’Donnell started birding at the age of 7 in Niagara Falls, NY. A biologist by trade, he has worked on bird-related projects in a number of places and has guided birders in Ecuador, Peru, and Costa Rica. Patrick has lived in Costa Rica since 2007 and when not birding, writes about birds, travel and tourism, and other topics.