Easy Ways To Find Hotel Villa San Ignacio

The hotel is located 7 kilometers from Alajuela's SJO airport and has easy access to Poás Volcano. The route to the hotel still requires some guidance. Roads are not marked. We recommend using a GPS like Waze or map and co-pilot with driving directions in hand. Taxis are readily available at the airport exit. We can also set up an airport shuttle with door to door service.

Ruta 107, Alajuela, Costa Rica • 10.026080, -84.251645
Coordenadas: 10°01'33.9"N 84°15'05.9"W

Directions on Waze

Actual Address
Hotel Villa San Ignacio
After the intersection Grecia / Poás, 50 m. on Ruta 107 to Poás, Alajuela, Costa Rica

Getting to Hotel Villa San Ignacio from SJO Airport

SJO is just 7 kilometers from Hotel Villa San Ignacio, located in Tambor 4 kilometers north of Alajuela Center. Your drive time may be anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes during peak hours.

  • 1. Drive out of the airport towards Alajuela downtown
  • 2. Drive north past the City Mall, on the overpass, until you reach the intersection with KFC on your right.
  • 3. Turn left at this intersection and continue on this road approximately 2 kilometers.
  • 4. Drive until you see a cemetery to your left and a park to your right just beyond the intersection.
  • 5. Turn left at this intersection.
  • 6. Continue driving four kilometers. You will drive through two intersections with traffic lights, past the Chamu gas station on your left.
  • 7. Continue two kilometers until you reach the Grecia/Poás Right turn, marked by a small street sign to your right.
  • 8. Veer right towards Poás/Volcán Poás. We are the first building on the right, just after the Grecia/Poás intersection

Click on the map below to visualize the route or print