La Fortuna Organic Wine: As Good As It Tastes

“Wine brings to light the hidden secrets of the soul.” – Horace

“I cook with wine; sometimes I even add it to the food.” – W. C. Fields

Very few things have been so lovingly extolled by poets as a good cup of wine. In our time, there are so many vintages, flavors, and styles to choose from even Shakespeare might find the variety daunting.

At Pandora, it’s our job to make your wine pairings delightful. This month, we’re spotlighting organic wines by La Fortuna.

What makes a wine organic? To earn the organic label, a wine must be made from grapes that have been cultivated without the use of chemicals, mainly herbicides or pesticides. The vineyards must work with nature, not against it, allowing the natural environment to influence the flavor. Instead of using toxins, the grapes are protected with such biodiverse methods as planting cover crops to protect the vine rows and allowing small, grazing animals to eat the weeds.

Located in the winemaking heart of Chile, La Fortuna has followed organic production practices for over 20 years. The vineyard’s production is controlled and monitored by staff, and its wines are verified organic by Chilean, European, North American, Japanese, and Swiss standards.

In addition to caring for the environment, La Fortuna also cares for the men and women who tend to the grapes by offering health benefits as well as profit sharing. This has earned them a Fair Trade certification.

La Fortuna is truly as a good as it tastes.

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La Fortuna Sauvignon Blanc
Light Yellow color with green shades; citric aromas with mineral notes. A very good balance between fruit and acidity gives this wine the freshness and pleasant long finish.

La Fortuna Chardonnay
Golden yellow color, aromas of soft floral and stone fruit. With juicy peach and citrus flavors combined with slight butterscotch.

La Fortuna Pinot Noir
Bright ruby-red color with shades of caoba. This pinto noir displays aromas of black cherry, forest floor and pomegranate; has strawberry and cherry flavors that combine with spicy oak, long finish.

La Fortuna Cabernet Sauvignon
With deep red fruit aromas, slight smoky notes. Full body with spice and firm tannins.