Jemis Borquet – December 12 & 13

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Jemis Borquet has big dreams, and his star is just waiting to be discovered.

The Costa Rican guitarist and singer’s musical vocation came early; he was classically trained in guitar and singing, and since the age of eight, has pursued music with that demon that is passion.

Jemis is on the move: just this year he decided to leave his beloved San José, for the wide open horizon that is one of the biggest metropolis in the world: Mexico City. There, in a city with a population that is seven times that of his entire country, Jemis is looking for wider acceptance. His brand of music, a gentle mix of romantic ballads, folk and the troubadour music that is the staple of the Latin American experience, is widely liked in Mexico, a country renowned for its cultural might where the music scene is vibrant and prolific.

Jemis Borquet will perform two shows at Pandora, December 12 & 13.

For reservations call 8492 1133 or 2433 6316

Jemis is brokering a record deal for a compilation of songs that have been artfully recorded. The single “Te amé” is one of his favorite and first songs; he wrote it at the age of 14. “Te amé” speaks of the disenchantment of first love lost. The accompanying video is of pristine quality, and was shot in New York by the videographer Will Harris.

At 26, Jemis is already thoroughly versed in the ways of the stage. He competed in music festivals throughout his teens, and has been playing his music in hotels and bars since he was 15. Being of the generation that lives online, Jemis is now reaching out to the public through social media.

His music is available on SoundCloud, and his YouTube channel Jemis y La Fábrica is attracting followers by the day. Jemis asks his YouTube followers for personal stories that he transforms into songs of loss, love and hope. His artful ability to interpret the precious emotional content of the responses demonstrates the compassionate power of music. In the song “Carta de Jason,” Jemis sings of the tragedy of a young man’s struggle with cancer: “Like a thief of dreams that comes into your life and steals everything away in an instant.” The lyrics mirror Jason’s stolen youth, and his realization that the things he considered important before the disease struck, don’t seem so significant now: “I used to be concerned with small things, for today, so many people chase the wind…”

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Then there are the love songs, like “Hawaii,” inspired by the fairy tale letter of a Costa Rican girl finding love on the other side of the world: “I don’t care if the flight took too long, and I don’t care if the Earth turned, as long as my lips touch yours today.”

Jemis can’t keep away from Costa Rica, and will return for the holidays to play in some of the venues where he honed his craft.

The talented musician will perform at Pandora’s Restaurant and Bar on December 12 and 13. The intimate venue, set in the idyllic, mature gardens of Villa San Ignacio, will be the perfect setting for Jemis’s romancing of hearts.