Hotel Villa San Ignacio’s Tempo: Upbeat Pura Vida

Photo Trust Katsande –

How does music make you feel?

Music triggers emotions, stimulates pleasure, soothes pain and entertains.  Affecting mood, music also impacts energy level.  With this in mind, we crafted an upbeat soundtrack that infuses the day with Pura Vida.  Psychologists have several scientific studies documenting how music affects the brains’ functions.  A University of Leicester study proves that playing a slow tempo song, Everybody Hurts, by REM was one of many songs played for cows, will increase milk production by roughly 3%.  The slow tempo relaxes the cow, thus reducing stress and increasing production.  At the end of the day, with the help of music, what better way for a human to shake some travel stress and slip into endorphin induced bliss.

“When music hits you, you feel no pain” Bob Marley

Pandora Restaurant’s manager loves all music, but does embrace his personal favorite. Listening to roots reggae, he feels “un temblor en mi corazón – an earthquake in my heart”. Thought provoking and emotional engagement to reggae music is Pura Vida. Music activates brain pathways with positive vibrations, aka endorphins.

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Villa San Ignacio’s hotel manager has a profound respect for live music. Layered sounds blend into one powerful, sonic message understood by all regardless of language, culture or background. We feel the same happiness, sadness, wild abandon, romance, tranquility of the music.

Photo Dimitri Dim –

A Harvard study found that when analyzing a song’s tonality and tempo, people understood the song’s meaning regardless of the music’s cultural background or language. A song’s psychological purpose was quickly identified anywhere in the world. Music is everywhere and affects us many ways. It impacts our brain, no matter the genre, tempo or pitch. With all senses engaged by music, consciously or subconsciously, the sense of taste varies along with changing pitch, tempo or volume. An example, high pitch in music intensifies sweet and sour flavors. Can you imagine sipping a margarita while listening to Minnie Riperton’s Lovin You?

Photo Kobe Subramaniam –

Our upbeat Pura Vida tempo

Our managers carefully monitor the music throughout the day. What you hear for breakfast you won’t hear for Happy Hour. Although the soundtrack to Villa San Ignacio will have favorite tunes for some guests that others ignore, the music playing can make you feel good. In this positive state of mind, you are more relaxed and open minded. With creativity and curiosity sparked, you will travel happy. We hope that every guest feels the upbeat pura vida vibe we intend to share. Maybe later down the road, you will hear a song, something you also listened to during your stay at Hotel Villa San Ignacio, and it will trigger a pleasant memory of us.

VSI Team Tony, Jennifer & Thomas