Félix Arburola Bustos

Retratos de los artistas Arburola Ilustrador Fotógrafo productores actores para la revista Su Casa tomados por Rodrigo Montoya V.

Hotel Villa San Ignacio announces the opening of our second art exhibition at The Gallery, our space designed to showcase local and resident artists. The opening will take place on April 17 from 3 to 5 pm and will feature the work of Costa Rican artist Félix Arburola Bustos. The exhibition will remain open to the public through mid July.

The Gallery, located in Villa San Ignacio’s newly remodeled Suites and Deluxe Rooms building, was conceived as an opportunity to connect our visitors and the community with artists whose work has been inspired by their relationship with Costa Rica. Through art we hope to explore the soul and psyche of our beloved country. The Gallery will have a series of showcases on rotation throughout the year.

To RSVP for the April 17 opening please contact us at customerservice@villasanignacio.com

Villa San Ignacio is 50 mts East from the Grecia / Poás crossing, in Tambor, Alajuela.



Celebrated painter, cartoonist and illustrator Félix Arburola Bustos was born in 1947 in the province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Filled with natural wonder, Arburola began drawing at a very early age. His fondness for playing with shapes and colors would lead him to experiment with a wide variety of forms, including origami and culinary art.

As a devoted fan of Chinese culture, Arburola admired the writer Lin Yutang whose work inspired him to cultivate the art of Zen using brushes, ink, and traditional watercolor, styles seen in Asian art.

“Zen poetry and art have helped me to contemplate my work as something beyond aesthetics,” Arburola explained. “To me, it is a connection with the inner self and surrounding nature, a result of meditation in solitude.”


Arburola also worked as an art director. He had a noted influence on Andrómeda and Revista Tambor from Grupo Nación, and completed important projects for the CCSS, Editorial Costa Rica, Universidad Estatal a Distancia, Editorial Santillana, and Alberto H. Garnier Ad Agency, among others.

In addition to his eclectic body of work, Arburola leaves as his legacy the artistic passion inherited by his four children: Moy, the actress; Sebastián Boreal, visual artist and DJ; Ariel, designer and illustrator; and Félix, the youngest, a rock musician and illustrator. His children were always eager to visit their father at his home studio near the mountains of Barva de Heredia.

1964 Drawing and Painting, Casa del Artista Olga Espinach
1968 Independent Studies, Drawing and Painting, Escuela de Bellas Artes UCR
1979 Metal Etching Workshops, Escuela de Arquitectura. U.C.R.
1981 Illustration and Design Workshop for Children Books, Beca Taller del Proyecto Internacional de Literatura Infantil, Estado Aragua, Venezuela

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