Every Day is Dog Day


World Dog Day seems to be in May, July and August depending, on your source. Here in Costa Rica we have noted July 26 as National Dog Day, the day to do something special for your pooch or adopt a dog. But don’t you think that every day is dog day? No matter how busy you are, don’t forget to give your best friend a bit of time, this mental and physical stimulus is the key to all dog’s health and happiness.

This November Villa San Ignacio will welcome travelers with pets.

Almost two years ago, Marilyn, born at the Orquideas Inn and named after the hotel’s Marilyn Monroe bar, wandered off and took a wrong turn leading 4 kilometers to Alajuela Central. After 12 days on the street, we found her at the Mutual Bank ATM. In her new digs, Marilyn has a routine that has allowed her to shed a few pounds and regain a bit of youthfulness. Lend your to support the strays of Costa Rica.

Look for our Dog Wellness Activity coming in November, 2016!

Marilyn would like to say hello in photos! Remember to listen with your eyes.