Eloy Zúñiga Exhibition


We are proud to announce our new art show at The Gallery, a collection by renowned Guanacaste artist Eloy Zúñiga. Delightfully accessible, Zúñiga is known for his bold colors, heavy textures and his vivid depictions of everyday life in Guanacaste. He currently lives and works in Alajuela.

The Eloy Zúñiga Collection will be on display at The Gallery at Villa San Ignacio for three months beginning July 15.

Zúñiga was born in Nicoya, Costa Rica in 1958. He went to primary school in his hometown and then enrolled in the University of Costa Rica where he studied Agronomy. He left school to follow his great passion, moving to San Jose to devote himself fully to his art.

Zúñiga took painting lessons in La Casa del Artista and had his first individual exhibition in 1982. He has since had more than 30 exhibitions in Costa Rica as well as Miami, New York, Atlanta and Madrid. His paintings have been included in collections around the world, with shows in the UK, Japan, New Zealand, and more.


Clearly influenced by his roots, Zúñiga portrays traditional characters and situations from the Guanacaste region. Using a style that eases along a spectrum from modernist to abstract, his canvas work is rich with textures inspired by the bark of mango and jobo trees, whose scars build up over time, giving them an appearance of strength.

We have had the privilege to work with Zúñiga for some of the hall and room designs at our brother hotel Sugar Beach in Guanacaste.