Villa San Ignacio | Hotel near San Jose and Alajuela | Costa Rica

Dog Friendly Alajuela

Will you be traveling with your pet on a future trip to Costa Rica? Consider staying a few days in dog friendly Alajuela!

When you search for dog friendly hotels, Alajuela, Costa Rica will you will find Hotel Villa San Ignacio… among your dog’s other second choices. You will also find dog friendly activities in or near Alajuela that will welcome both you and your four-legged companion.

With mostly sunny mornings and moderate humidity and heat, Alajuela Costa Rica is by nature dog friendly. Hotel Villa San Ignacio has a bush trail where you both can stretch your legs and offers your dog endless trunks and plant stems to sniff. For longer hikes, most parks allow dogs on leashes. Some parks do require reservations so planning ahead will save you time.

Located near Alajuela, Playa Herradura is dog friendly. You can drive from Villa San Ignacio to this beautiful beach in roughly 90 minutes. Parking is free. You can set up under tree shade near your car. Playa Herradura is long enough for a decent walk and safe enough for a refreshing for swim!

Alajuela has two dog friendly shopping malls. Plaza Real is an outdoor mall. Throughout the mall, you will find free waste bags and waste bag disposal. El Establo Veterinaria is a large pet store with pharmacy located at Plaza Real. Several restaurants in the mall offer outdoor seating or take out service. There is a national bank with ATM service, a convenience store and various cell phone companies with shops selling chips.

City Mall is a larger indoor mall located in Alajuela near the international airport. The mall has three floors of clothing stores, office supplies, and pretty much anything you might need or forgot to pack.

Best of all, after a day of activities around Alajuela, will be an evening at Villa San Ignacio’s restaurant. Pandora offers full bar service and a varied menu as well as a short menu of freshly prepared meals for dogs. Recipes do not use onion, garlic or ingredients harmful to dogs. All entrees are served in a to go container and are portioned for a 4 to 5 kilo size dog. Patrons and pets are allowed to sit together on the outer terraces.

Pandora’s menu for dogs includes ARROZ CON POLLO, a Costa Rican classic, prepared with a few omitted ingredients, but a delicious combination of white rice, shredded chicken, carrots and celery. Pandora’s doggy MEATBALLS are made with ground beef, pumpkin, carrot & parsley. For dogs with a little jet lag, we make a DIGESTIVE BOWL with pumpkin rice and a poached egg.

Book your stay with us in 2020 and dogs stay free!

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