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Biodynamic Wine Served at Pandora

In 1924, nearly a century before organic products and sustainable practices became common in our culture, Rudolf Steiner published a series of lessons about biological-dynamic – or biodynamic – agriculture.


Central to biodynamic agriculture is the philosophy that the farm is a closed system; any disease of the organisms must not be treated in isolation, but as a symptom of problems in the whole group. This method emphasizes the use of manures and composts while excluding the use of artificial chemicals on soil and plants. Steiner believed that artificial pesticides degrade the quality of food by influencing biological properties – the cause of spiritual shortcomings in agriculture. There is also an emphasis on local production and distribution systems, and a tradition of developing new local breeds and varieties.

At Pandora we serve both organic and biodynamic wines. This month we are featuring Koyle Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon, from the Koyle family vineyards of Los Lingues, Alto Colchagua, Argentina. The family-operated vineyard shares Steiner’s philosophy, applying biodynamic management to cultivate healthy grapes that will produce expressive wine, balanced in both its material properties and spiritual essence. The Cabernet Sauvignon is noted for an elegant entry, black cherries, dried herbs and tobacco, with rich smooth tannins, and 12 month French oak. It makes an excellent pairing with our Tenderloin in Pepper Sauce.