Vacation Bliss Hotel Villa San Ignacio

Alajuela Province is famous for having "the best weather in the world." In this Costa Rican tropical paradise, the temperature remains an average 77° F / 25° C year-round. In this blissful climate, be sure to enjoy a refreshing swim in the pool or lounge in the sun with a delicious Pandora.

Complementary activities our guests enjoy are some old-fashioned fun on our grass badminton court; a short hike on the bush trails; games for adults and children, billiards table, darts, board games; TV lounge, and library. The wooded fire pit transforms as a campfire where a few good friends can share stories and specialty Costa Rican Smores.

Birdwatching at Hotel Villa San Ignacio

Hotel Villa San Ignacio is ideal for urban birding. There are several species of birds, both permanent & migratory, that reside in the central valley just outside Costa Rica's capital, San Jose. On your first day in Costa Rica, you will be able to start checking off those birds on your list. You might find some of the most beautiful birds of Costa Rica on the hotel grounds. Birds you may see include: Blue Crowned Motmot, Rufous-tailed Hummingbird, Blue-gray Tanager, Clay-colored Thrush – Costa Rica's National bird, Cabanis's Ground-sparrow, and the Collared Aracari.

Sightseeing Tours Near Hotel Villa San Ignacio

If you are in the mood to explore the area, we are also happy to help you plan sightseeing adventures throughout the breath-taking Alajuela province.


Choco Tour – La Garita

Ever wonder how chocolate is made? Although more earthy and artisanal than Willi Wonka’s mysterious and magical factory, real chocolate is made from 100 cocoa seeds that need to be dried, roasted, and ground.  The Choco tour will help you come to terms with this childhood fantasy. The world of chocolate is simple but


Costa Rica Birding Tours

Enjoy birding at Villa San Ignacio. As is usually the case when birding in a good habitat, the avian activity keeps you busy! Villa San Ignacio is a bit lower than San Jose and thus more biodiverse. You will be surprised at what you might see while birding on site.


Doka Estate – Coffee Tour

Located along the fertile slopes of the Póas Valley, Doka Estate has been growing and roasting award-winning coffee for more than 100 years. The farm uses the same century-old water mill imported from England to power their processing plant – a rustic building recently designated a historical and architectural heritage site by the Costa


La Paz Waterfall Gardens

La Paz Waterfall Gardens is the #1 Most Visited Privately Owned Ecological Attraction in Costa Rica featuring one of the best hikes near San José, the most famous waterfalls in Costa Rica, rescued wildlife preserve with over 100 species of animals, and an environmental education program.

The gardens include five waterfalls, safe hiking


Poas Volcano National Park – What to Know

Poas Volcano National Park is a powerful symbol of the geothermal forces that formed Costa Rica. When the mist and clouds part you’ll see the sulfuric, bubbling green, rain-fed lake at the bottom, surrounded by smoke and steam rising from fumaroles.  Water from the lake is constantly seeping through cracks in the hot rock, evaporating


Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center

Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center is located a short 10 minutes from Hotel Villa San Ignacio. If you are just starting out a family vacation and spending two nights to shake off some jet lag, we recommend a visit to Rescate Wildlife to view an abundance of Costa Rica’s treasured wildlife. As well, if you have


The Green Ark – Ethno Botanical Garden

If you have an interest in botany, the entire lot of herbs, shrubs, trees, fruits and roots, at The Green Ark you will find a magical place that will surprise even the most professional enthusiast of this fascinating world.

Located in Santa Bárbara de Heredia, this 8-hectare garden has the largest collection in